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By Federico Moises Colautti

This paintings covers Flavius Josephus' presentation of the banquet of Passover in his works. It analyzes the texts during which Flavius Josephus mentions this dinner party in his paraphrase of the Bible. Then the references to Passover within the remainder of his works are thought of.

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Exod 12:29b LXX) The reactions of Pharaoh and the Egyptians are presented by FJ, in a way that follows basically the biblical text, but with significant variations. In the first place, it is interesting to note that the role of influential people who live around the palace is highlighted. Secondly, the text of Ant. tends to diminish the drama of the biblical passage, in that it does not mention the great cry that went up from the whole land of Egypt. In addition, Pharaoh's permission to allow the Israelites to leave Egypt is reduced by FJ to a few words.

312 on purification. Philo also ignores this aspect, cf. G. Dorival, La Bible d'Alexandrie, IV, 272. 44 This could be an indication of the way in which FJ understands revelation, especially considering that shortly before this, he has stated that God will choose by means of prophecy the city where the Temple will be constructed (cf. Ant. 200). 43 THE PENTATEUCH 43 with these pilgrimages; by contrast, FJ does not mention the festivities, but includes an explanation of the purpose of such pilgrimages.

317) he returns to Exod 12:37b~38, which deleave Egypt. 25 Cf. ch. VI § 9. Cf. T. Beckwith, Calendar & Chronology, 1-9. 23 The period between morning and evening of the fourteenth of Nisan would count as one day, even if it does not strictly belong to the feast of Unleavened Bread, which would begin on the fifteenth. The fact that passover also had to be eaten with unleavened bread could have contributed to this confusion (Exod 12:8). 24 Cf. ch. IV § 2. Another indication of this probable confusion is that FJ on one occasion maintains that the Israelites were freed from Egypt on the fourteenth of Xanthicus (J.

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