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In regards to the ebook: A notable new examine the vintage Greek philosophy and mysticism of Plotinus within the Enneads. Written from a latest standpoint, this publication is stimulating to daily readers, in addition to students.

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Since usually this isn’t the case, the rational side of Plotinus’s philosophy is intended to prepare us for true mystical experience. C ach in g the end o f the line Step by step, reason leads us to the point at which rationality ends, When the spiritual seeker is convinced he truly has reached the end of the line down which the train of thought travels, there is nothing to do but get on board some other means of transport. In a Zen context, Hubert Benoit aptly speaks of the need of the Western mind to be led by reason to the edge of the void dividing expressible and inexpressible truth.

Be more concerned with grasping the broad outlines of Plotinus’s philosophy than the specifics. It is better to comprehend the treatises in the Enneads as a whole. In an almost intuitive fashion, than to try to assemble a logical understanding bit by bit. " [1-3-5] Reason (discursive thought) is akin to the piecing together of a jigsaw puzzle. It is satisfying when our logic succeeds in forming a coherent picture of reality, and this indeed is parr o f what Plotinus sought to accomplish by writing the Enneads— but, I believe, it was just a small part.

The One is all things and not a single one ofthem.. . It is because there is nothing in it that all thin^ comefrom it; in order that being may exist, the One is not being, but the generator of being. tV-2-l] It isn’t possible to grasp the source of physical existence through what already exists. — caused it to be born. But what is abotv life is cause of life;for the activity oflife, which is all thin^, is notfirst, but itselfflows out, so to speak, as iffrom a spring. For think of a spring which has no other origin, but gives the whole of itselfto rivers, and is not used up by the rivers but remains itselfat rest.

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