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By Marcus Tullius Cicero

Cicero lived via one of the most turbulent years within the background of Rome and witnessed first-hand the overthrow of the republic and its alternative via the tyranny of Pompey, Caesar, Mark Antony, and Octavian. certainly one of Rome's so much memorable and keenly observant writers, his letters to family and friends are an astonishingly certain list of everyday life and politics in Rome. this is the biggest one-volume collection of Cicero's letters at present on hand, documenting Cicero's tumultuous profession and supplying a month-by-month list of the ultimate cave in of the Roman senatorial executive. masking the years 68-43 BC, the letters light up occasions from the excessive element of Cicero's consulship of sixty three, during the humiliation of his exile and next subjection to the dynasts, to the assassination of Caesar in forty four, and Cicero's short hour of glory in prime senatorial resistance to the tyranny of Mark Antony. In P. G. Walsh's full of life new translation, Cicero's correspondence brings to existence once again all of the intrigue, pleasure, and possibility of old Rome.

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Neither your letters nor my representations can expunge it as readily as your presence here will remove it, not merely by your words but also by those genial looks of yours—that is, as long as you think it worth the effort, as you certainly will if you listen to me and wish to make your courtesy manifest. Do not be surprised that in spite of previous intimations in my earlier letters of my hopes of    Letter  bringing him round, I now appear to lose heart, for I find it astonishing how much more unrelenting and how much more obdurate in his anger his attitude is.

With regard to this, I should like to assure you first of all that I strongly approve this attitude of yours, which reflects brotherly feeling so full of kindness and devotion. Secondly, if I have opposed your brother on any matter in the interests of the state, I beg you to pardon me, for I am as much devoted to the republic as any man. But if I have defended my reputation against the most cruel attack which he launched against me, you should be content that I do not raise with you any complaint about your brother’s injustice towards me.

Caesar dictator; Civil War begins; Pompey crosses to Greece ( March); Caesar visits Cicero ( March); Cicero crosses to Greece ( June). Pompey defeated at Pharsalus (9 August) and murdered in Egypt ( September); Cicero returns to Brundisium. Cicero pardoned and allowed to move on to Rome. Divorce from Terentia. Marriage to Publilia. Pompeians defeated in Africa at Thapsus; Cato commits suicide; Cicero resumes philosophical and rhetorical works; Pro Ligario; Stoic Paradoxes. Death of Tullia.

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