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By Subhas Anandan

Subhas Anandan is unquestionably the best-known felony legal professional in Singapore. From taking over the sensational instances of Took Leng How, Anthony Ler and Ah lengthy San to his perspectives on essential dying sentences and police entrapment , Subhas Anandan has turn into the face of legal defence in Singapore. yet why does he decide to signify consumers who're to all intents and reasons accountable? And are the criminals who he represents rather the monsters they're made out to be? Has he ever felt sorry for the consumers he represents? What are his perspectives at the dying penalty, and which elements of the criminal method does he imagine desire reforming?

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My friends wanted to see me succeed academically. I was doing what they could 62 THE BEST I COULD not do and they accepted it. There was no jealousy or envy. They were prepared to do anything to help me and definitely didn’t want a bunch of students to destroy my future. That’s how deep our friendship was. The day after the incident, I went to university as usual. Everybody left me alone. Some of my friends who were scared to be seen with me came over to say hello. They were not frightened any more.

All of them said no. My friends told them to pass the word around that I was to be left alone and if they had to come around again, people would get hurt. I got into one of the cars and left. We caught up with the other two cars and headed for Sembawang. My friends told me what a let-down it had been and that I had wasted their time. One could get the impression from this incident that I was an important member of a gang. This is not true. Sembawang was a tough neighbourhood to grow up in. I had many friends inside and outside the Base.

I sniggered and showed her the inside of my car. The plastic covers were still on the seats. When I told her my car was less than 24 hours old, she burst out laughing. Despite the circumstances, I was taken by her and we exchanged telephone numbers. I had to give her Ah Teng’s number as we didn’t have a telephone at home in those days. The old lady saw what we were doing and her granddaughter explained that we needed each other’s phone numbers to exchange insurance details later. Her grandmother continued to glare at me throughout the whole episode.

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