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By Aleksa Djilas

Released amid the unraveling of the second one Yugoslavia, The Contested kingdom lays naked the roots of the belief of Yugoslav unity--its clash with the Croatian and Serbian nationwide ideologies and its atypical alliance with liberal and revolutionary, specially Communist, ideologies.

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Having served its historical purposes, any organization could be abandoned witbout regret, It is tfserefore a mistake to believe that Marx was obsessively concerned with bureaucratic organization or with the centralization of power, Under the circur~stances,he was simply correct in attacking his opponentshncrirical calls for decentralization. lp ""antiauthoritarian'" international organization. The new movement accomplished notl-ring beyond passing a variety of resolutions, one of which recommended that all members learn chemistry in order to make bombs.

They aiso saw the ways in which the French Revolution was undermined by the Vendke and its reactionary allies abroad. "'"l Though predicated s n a "dialectical'7nversion of the bourgeoisie's use of political democracy to justify economic dictatorship, the '"dicratorship of the proletariat" would prove an unfortunate term, The two friends and most of their followers believed that this dictatorship would prove of brief duration. he first step in tl-re revolution by tl-re working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class, to win the battle of dem~uacy.

Capitalists, however, would also coxnpete, and many of the Least successlui would then fall into the ranks of the proletariat as capital itself became concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. "Productivity would increase, but buying power would not, and, as a consequence, the "rate of profit" would tend t o fall so that recurrent crises would result with ever greater farce. Meanwhile, the bourgeoisie's own cornmitmellt to scierlce and reason would lead to the demystification of the universe and the growing insight among workers that a new and more rational system was necessary.

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