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By Gerard Boter

Epictetus' "Encheiridion", which was once composed through his student Arrian with the aim of giving a entire account of Epictetus' idea, has been transmitted in lots of assets. along with the wealthy direct culture there are 3 Christian diversifications, there's the remark by means of the sixth century thinker Simplicus, and there's the oblique culture. the latest serious version is the "edito maior" by means of Johannes Schweighauser (1798), which doesn't meet the necessities of recent philology. within the first a part of this article there's a complete account of the transmission of Epictetus' "Encheiridion" and the 3 Christian diversifications, in keeping with all extant manuscripts. the second one a part of the ebook includes serious versions of the 4 texts.

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Gr. 4], which only contains ch. 33 16 , appears to be related to T; see p. 52. 132] 2 . Here are a n u m b e r of readings which prove that both branches derive from a c o m m o n source, which I will indicate β: 5a,4 5a,4 9,1 121,! 19b2,4 253,13 26,2 312,7 339,23 512,12 εκείνο τό δεννόν έστιν o m . (et Stob. ) τ α ρ α σ σ ώ μ ε θ α ] σπαραττώμεθα AC: σ π α ρ α σ σ ώ μ ε θ α δ δέ]δέδόξα έπιλογισμούς] διαλογισμούς εχει] εξει δν o m . ) οφης άπό] άποστής (et Nil Vat) τά alteram o m . μέμνησο] καί μέμνησο I have not noted errors which unmistakably find their origin in the misreading of majuscule script.

373], sharing errors with both. T h e cases of agreement in error with the AC bSib group, however, are more striking than the agreements in error with T. Therefore, I think it most likely that Tt derives from the same source as ACÔ& Ô, and has been contaminated with a congener of T. 4 The instances quoted all occur in the earlier chapters, because from ch. SJ often agrees with Ε AC as a result of contamination. 5 *51 1 ,3 άλλ' άνάγκη-άμελήσαι] άλλά-άμελήσαι πάσα ανάγκη ϊδης] ϊδης τινά ευθύς] εύθύς διαίρει παρά σεαυτώ καί λέγε λέγε] λέγε οτι αγαθού] άπαθούς έντιναχθήσονταί] έκτιναχθήσονταί κοινωνικόν] κοινόν λαμβάνειν] καταλαμβάνειν έδει] έδει σε Further, Tt has ch.

7 and 8. Villebrune, p. 206, gives the following description: "7. Codex in Italia ante u n d e c i m a n n o s collatus, membranaceus et antiquissimi aevi, cujus, et sequentis 8, mihi lectiones utendas reliquerat, tum juvenis, Berger Germanus. 7. m. Variae lectiones h u j u s codicis. 8. " Stemma codicum et editionum Epicteti Encheiridii τ SiC ? Uu Ο Mm χ Ρ Ff Hh / \ R Q Ν Κ I Ee Ha Tr G /I\ V w X SI Sc Ne Χ ι ζ / \Xx Wo M Aa Bb Cc Dd Nn Pp S χ Β ζ D I Vv Gg θ J CHAPTER TWO T H E AFFILIATION OF T H E MANUSCRIPTS AND T H E EDITIO PRINCEPS OF EPICTETUS' ENCHEIRIDION As can be seen on the accompanying diagram (p.

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