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By Henri Lefebvre

Explores the entire sweep of Marxist considering on social swap within the gentle of the 1968 French explosion.

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To these virtues, we shall add freshness of mind and revolutionary enthusiasm . CHAPTER ONE GERMAN SOCIAL DEMOCRACY When the workers' movement made its appearance in the old countries of Europe in the nineteenth century before it spread with capitalism to most of the world, it took two b asic forms : the trade union form and the party form . Both had the same purpose : to promote the specific interests of the workers . The first sought to secure the sale of labor power at its value within the framework of c apitalist domination and the capitalist market.

S is that we are for revolutionary methods in a time of revolution, whil� he advoca ted them In � completel!. different period. re Arbelterbewegung In Holland. Proletarier, II. 1, Feb. 1922. p. 1 6) . 66 / 1 897, GERMAN SOCIAL DEMOCRACY PANNEKOEK AND THE WORKERS' CO UNCILS Pannekoek in 1 90 1 Marxist orthodoxy") . 21 1 903 / 67 (the latter at first regarded as "one of the bigwigs of unions of the German kind, the major beneficiaries of the This minority party was working in conjunction with a relatively small and group very soon clashed with the party leadership and with its chief, the lawyer Troelstra, one of whose favorite dicta strikes .

Studz'e Soziologiczno . P�lltyczne, 1 � 5 � : 1 , pp. 25- 1 22). S�me�hing quite �ffe�ent, of course, would be a critique of the WIdespread diVISIon of the proletanat mto categones WIth and anti-egalitarian demands at the material lev:l �nd of the over-estimation of levels competence, one of the ideological bases of the explOItatiOn of man by man on the spiritual plane in the West as in the East. 72 / PANNEKOEK AND THE WORKERS' CO UNCILS be desired . " 48 Similarly at the international level, in the East beyond the Vistula, 49 in an effort to emancipate themselves from the domination of foreign capital the emerging bourgeoisie is attempting to adapt socialism to its interests, given the proven imminent bankruptcy of liberal ideology.

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