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By Martin C. E. Huber (auth.), Richard G. Marsden (eds.)

The release in October 1990 of the joint ESA-NASA Ulysses project marked the beginning of a brand new period within the learn of the heliosphere. For the 1st time, in-situ observations are being made overlaying the complete variety of heliographic latitudes. Following the profitable gravity-assist manoeuvre at Jupiter in February 1992, Ulysses left the ecliptic airplane in a southerly path and headed again towards the solar, passing over the southern sunlight pole in mid-1994. To mark those targeted occasions, the twenty eighth ESLAB Symposium, held in Friedrichs­ hafen, Germany, on 19-21 April 1994, was once dedicated to "The excessive range Helio­ sphere". Following on from the hugely profitable nineteenth ESLAB Symposium "The sunlight and the Heliosphere in 3 Dimensions" (Les Diablerets, 1985), the aim of the assembly was once to check out-of-ecliptic effects from the Ulysses venture acquired thus far, and to supply a spotlight for the 1st polar go. correct effects from different area missions, in addition to ground-based and theoretical stories, have been additionally incorporated. Attended through a hundred thirty scientists, the most issues of the Symposium have been The sunlight and Corona, Large-Scale Heliospheric constitution, lively debris within the Heliosphere, Cosmic Rays within the Heliosphere, and Interstellar fuel and Cosmic dirt. The clinical programme consisted of a couple of Topical evaluation papers introducing a variety of as­ pects of those topics, supplemented via quite a few contributed papers (72 in to­ tal) awarded both orally or as posters. definitely, the superb poster periods shaped one of many highlights of the meeting.

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The four primary targets for Spartan Mission 201-1 were the north polar region, the south polar region, a helmet streamer at position angle 135° and an active region above the west limb. L. KOHL ET AL. 5 2 Fig. 3. 8 Re. 25 A), which have 1 r:r statistical uncertainties. The solid curve is a fit to the data by two Gaussian curves (A & B) which make up the coronal profile C (long dashes). 5 2 Fig. 4. 8 Re. 25 A), which have 1 r:r statistical uncertainties. The solid curve is a fit to the data by two Gaussian curves (A & B) which make up the coronal profile C (long dashes) and a Gaussian for the geocoronal contribution (short dashes).

The HI Lya line profile measurements are used to determine the random velocity distribution of coronal protons along the line-of-sight. The absolute HI Lya intensities can be used together with electron densities from the white light coronagraph to estimate electron temperatures from hydrogen ionization balance calculations, and bulk outflow velocities from models of Doppler dimmed resonant scattering. Intensities of minor ion lines are used to determine coronal abundances and outflow velocities of OH.

2 + 3a) 1 dT (1+3a) a kBr2 T a Tdr + (1 + 2a) (..!. d1i a(l + a) I~ dr _ .!. dL)]. L dr (9) In what follows we assume that L is constant. Eq. (9) then replaces Eq. (6), and is solved as outlined in section 2, by substituting I~, dI~/ dr, T and dT /dr by their empirically inferred values. The data selected for the application of this technique were taken from the Harvard EUV experiment on Skylab (see Reeves et al. 1977). 08 Rs off the limb in a south polar coronal hole where two different radial directions, referred to as panels I and II in Figure 1, were selected for this study.

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