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By Arthur Herzog III

An early overview of the suggestions of the army intellectuals, from greatest to minimal deterrence. the writer selected minimal, state-of-the-art American stance.

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In other words, American development of weaponry is not an arms race whereas comparable Soviet efforts are. In effect, Teller says that he war camp is the 20 Soviet Union, and peace can only be kept by the peaceful side by deterring the warriors. And for the peaceful side to do its job, it must not be paralyzed by fear of nuclear war. Again and again Teller has argued that neither civilization nor the earth will be destroyed by such a war. “There is no danger that any atomic bomb of present or future design will ever blow up the earth , the sea, or the atmosphere.

S. Berlin policy, which he thought would antagonize the West Germans, that he resigned. This doesn’t mean, though, that the fight is over. Many of Kissinger’s views are still represented by important people, among them Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, to whom Kissinger has given foreign and military policy advice. Facing Kissinger across his narrow desk, I asked him first if he felt his earlier analyses still held. “I like to think some of my theoretical concepts were correct,” Kissinger said, “though I can’t say I invented them.

If he will say the other did the deed. He will get off with a light sentence. , it is evident, does not have sufficient proof to go to trial, and the rational course for each prisoner to follow is to cooperate and say nothing, for, if each does this, both will go free. But neither can depend on the other. If one remains silent and the other accuses him, he will get the chair. Therefore the logic of the situation points to the conclusion that each prisoner must accuse the other. Game theory, according to Anatol Rapoport, a mathematical biologist from the University of Michigan, “is concerned with the logic of conflict, that is, with the theory of strategy.

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