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By H Baer; H Logan; T Tait; Edmond L Berger; S Heinemeyer; All authors

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95], where VL represents the longitudinally polarized vector boson V = W ± or Z. It has been found that corrections to cross sections can be as large as 30% and must be accounted for in any precision measurement of V V → tt¯. 60 Simulated data Signal Combinatoric Background Events Events The second question about heavier Higgs bosons is, whether the Higgs line-shape parameters (mass, decay width, Higgs-strahlung production cross section) can be measured. A complete study of the mass range 200 GeV < mH <320 GeV has been performed [96].

Gg – 10 cc -2 * ZZ γγ 10 -3 1 10 10 2 µ tan β / mh However the new decay mode arises, this scenario can be modelled by assuming that the Higgs receives a new contribution to its width into jets (and assuming the width into other SM particles remains SM-like). For definiteness, we discuss the case with the light ˜b, but the results are largely insensitive to this choice. As the width into the new decay mode becomes large, it eventually overwhelms the SM decay modes, driving their branching ratios to be small.

It should be noted, however, that there are particular scenarios for s=1 and 2, which show a threshold behavior similar in shape to the s=0 one. This can be disentangled using angular information in addition. 15: The cross section of HZ → q q¯ℓ+ ℓ− just above the threshold assuming mH = 120 GeV. The dots correspond to a measurement and the curves are predictions for several spins. s=0 10 s=1 s=2 5 0 210 220 230 240 250 s (GeV) like ∼ β 5 . With a very small luminosity of about 20 fb−1 per energy point the scalar nature of the Higgs boson can be established and other spin hypotheses are disfavored, as shown in Fig.

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