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By Jan Assmann, Guy G. Stroumsa

This number of papers is worried with anthropological instead of theological points of the close to jap and Mediterranean religions, starting from the "primary" religions of the archaic interval to the "soteriological" hobbies and "secondary" religions of past due Antiquity.

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As to the patrons, they present themselves in their tomb-inscriptions as veritable Renaissance men. These inscriptions rejoice in the newly acquired possibilities of personal initiative. For almost a millennium, pharaoh had ruled the country as the sole source of planning, decision and action and the whole staff of officials and magistrates were reduced to mere tools and implements of the royal will. Now, after the collapse of this institution of centralized initiative, people discovered their individual possibilities of organizing local systems of political and economic administration.

18 In all of these texts, morality and piety have acquired a quasi ritual significance that would seem to betray a hierocratic interest in integrating the conduct of life into a priestly conception of divine reward and punishment. , when a prophetic text such as the Oracle of the Lamb began interpreting the repeated conquest of Egypt by foreign invaders as punishment for the numerous acts of immorality and injustice perpetrated in the past. , explicidy 17 E. Chassinat, Le Temple d'Edfou, 29, lines 10 11.

These quotations come from a literary ganda, addressed to the noble families for the cause of the ruling dynasty. This liar situation. It was confronted with the chy or rather "polyarchy" of the First text and a work of propain order to win them over 12th dynasty was in a pecutask of liquidating the anarIntermediate Period and of 9 Loyalist Instruction ed. G. Posener, L'Enseignement loyaliste. 9-10, Papyrusfassung. , 29-30, 9 2 6 . 3 - 4 § ,93‫־‬, Stelenfassung. , 2 6 5 . 1 1 - 1 4 § ,90-91 ,29‫־‬.

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