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By Denise Peck, Jane Dickerson

Easy-to-do options on the convenience of your kitchen table!

Authors Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson introduce basic twine- and metalworking innovations that experience gigantic impression. operating with precut steel blanks and skinny gauge sheet, in addition to with low-cost and on hand instruments, you could produce effects just like even more complicated metalsmithing techniques.

Explore lashing, sewing, uncomplicated weaving, coils, spirals, twisted cord, and incorporating beads with twine. You'll be uncovered to steel items being hole-punched, dapped, hammered, textured, colorized, and patinated. This e-book gains thirty step by step initiatives that require purely easy jewelry-making talents, yet will lead to attractive modern jewellery. cord + steel covers quite a lot of kinds that would attract newbie to complex jewellery makers.

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